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GH at Vestival 2010, South Knoxville, TN, by Rob Howard

About Greg Horne

Style: Americana, Roots Music, Folk, and Old-Time

Greg Horne original recordings:

Working on Engines (2016) - recorded with the Greg Horne Band, rock, country, cajun and blues
Basically Sane (2010) - solo acoustic guitar and vocal
Live at Hippie Jacks (DVD, 2010) - solo concert set recorded in 2007, guitar, voice, fiddle
Ought 2, Ought 3 (demos and bootlegs 2003 - out of print)
Floating World (1999)
Exploding Band Live at Hawkeye's (1999 - out of print)
Old Baggage, New Suitcase (1992/2000 - out of print)


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If you just want to know a little bit more about me, here it is.

I was born in Ohio, spent early childhood in Indianapolis, then grew up in Oak Ridge, TN. I went to the College of Wooster and got a BA in Music, then did some graduate work at the University of Mississippi (studying Southern Culture, believe it or not.) I've been based in Knoxville, TN since 1994.

I play a lot of different kinds of music and a few different instruments. They all seem to have common threads: awareness of musical roots, appreciation for simplicity, and admiration for artists who have created a unique voice in their words and music.

I do a lot of performing as a solo artist or with small groups doing a mix of my own songs, some traditional music, and whatever other cool things I decide to throw in. I also perform with other artists as a support musician playing guitar, mandolin, fiddle, and sometimes piano. I play old-time fiddle in the Southern Appalachian style in jams and for contradances.

A long love affair with listening to records led me into producing and recording. I've been lucky enough to play on or produce records for some very talented and friendly people. Making a good sounding record is a tough puzzle to solve. Sometimes I'm in a producing frame of mind, and sometimes I take long breaks from that kind of work. Eventually the puzzle always seems to suck me back in.

I've been teaching music to private students, classes and workshops for a couple of decades now, mainly on guitar, mandolin, and a bit of fiddle and banjo. I learned a lot about how to play and teach music at the National Guitar Workshop, and I was on the faculty there for over 20 summer seasons. Through the NGW, I was given the chance many years ago to write instructional books. My first three-volume series The Complete Acoustic Guitar Method was published by NGW and Alfred Publishing in Summer 2000, and remains one of their best-selling products. A new revised edition was released in 2015. I also have written a Mandolin Method, DVDs, and books on Songwriting and Multi-Instrumental playing. A three volume Complete Ukulele Method co-written with Shana Aisenberg was released in 2014.

If you go to the MUSIC page on this site, you can see and hear what I do. Click on the album covers for the newer stuff and you'll get more detailed notes about the songs and recording, with links to songs and videos. Below are listed some of the projects I've worked on over the years, and some of the press I've gotten.

My playing and studio work can also be heard on:

Artist: Jay Clark
"Of Mountains and Heartbreak" (2016)

Artist: Brandon Fulson
"Darkside of the Mountain" (2016)

Artist: Matt Woods
"With Love From Brushy Mountain"(2014)
"Deadman's Blues"(2014)

Artist: Jodie Manross
"Myth of Solid Ground" (2009, produced by GH)
"Don't Save the Kisses" (2005, produced by GH)
"Still" (1999, produced by GH)

Artist: Jeff Heiskell
"Clip-on Nosering" (2009)

Artist: Tim Lee 3
"33 1/3" (2015)

Artist: Tim Lee
"Concrete Dog" (2006)
"No Discretion" (2005)

Artist: Beth Wood
"Marigolds" (2005)

Artist: Deirdre Flint
"Then Again" (2003, produced by GH)
"Shuffleboard Queens" (1999, produced by GH)

Artist: Maggie Longmire
"Teachers and Travelers" (2002, produced by GH, winner of Best Local Release, MetroPulse Readers Poll 2003)

Artist: Back Porch Rockers,
"Come on Around Back" (1997)

Teach Yourself Songwriting (2006, Alfred Publishing)
Complete Mandolin Method, Volumes 1 and 2 (2005, Alfred Publishing)
Multi-Instrumental Guitarist (2002, Alfred Publishing)
Complete Acoustic Guitar Method, Volumes 1-3 (2000, Alfred Publishing)

Praise for Floating World CD:

"Say this for Greg Horne: he never met a genre he didn't like. ["Calling From Where I Am" and "Risks of Exposure"] evoke real emotion and bring the record to life. [On "She Moves Through Time"] Horne's vocals recall Sugar-era Bob Mould. Guitar prowess is Mr. Horne's calling card, and there are cuts here that prove that."

Jim Thomas
Southeast Performer, September, 2000

"Greg Horne makes music that is both easy to enjoy and hard to classify. While his work offers whiffs of barn-dance country and barroom rock 'n' roll, every so often something pops up that turns your head in a new direction. The overriding sensation is of a man who knows what he's doing and enjoys doing it - immensely."

Mountain Xpress, Asheville, NC
August 23, 2000

"Floating World may be the best sounding self-written, performed, produced and mixed CD I've heard. Buy one of these dang good discs."

Shannon Stanfield/Town Hound
Knoxville News Sentinel, June 18, 1999

"a fine collection of well written songs, accompanied by some fine musicianship. But, knowing Greg, it couldn't have been anything less."

Karen Reynolds/Writer's Block
WDVX, 89.9FM Clinton, TN, 1999

"Floating World is not what you would call world music - it would, however, fit right in on public radio show World Cafe...boogie woogie tunes reminiscent of Little Feat...wistful, intellectual folk ballads in the style of Loudon Wainwright III/John Prine. You simply cannot pin Horne down..."

Zippy McDuff/Eye on the Scene
Metropulse, Knoxville, TN July 1, 1999