Greg's Music Buddies


Easily the coolest Americana radio and webcast on the air! They used to broadcast from a camper in a trailer park. Now they are a worldwide presence, streaming 24 hours on the web from their studios in Knoxville, TN. One of their best features is a live concert at noon every weekday called the Blue Plate Special. Also check out Karen Reynolds' "Writer's Block" show, and listen for/request Greg Horne stuff!

Jodie recorded (and named her EP after) my song "Don't Save the Kisses," so she had to hire me to produce and play on the record, too! An honor all the way 'round.

Deirdre Flint, a great songwriter from Philadelphia. I got to produce and play on both of her records. A true folk star, now that she plays with the Four Bitchin' Babes!

The Tim Lee 3 will eat the lunch of any band you can throw at them. Just don't ask them to play until an hour afterwards.

Django Haskins is a songwriting rock'n'roll monster residing in Chapel Hill, NC.

Beth asked me to play on a couple of songs on her record, Marigolds, and then to hit the road in spring 2005. I even got to ride in the same van. You must buy many of her CDs.

Dig the Vacationist League, y'all. Knoxville's John Tilson and Brandon Beavers will take you places. Musical places.

Indre Recording Services, Philadelphia, PA. Greg recorded tracks for "Floating World" and all of Deirdre Flint's albums at the old Indre Studios with the most excellent Michael Comstock. Now he runs a recording truck. So you don't have to go to Philadelphia, he can come to you

Home of Alfred Publishing. Greg's books are available here - just go into the site, click "search the catalog" and type "Greg Horne."

This is the home of Weber Mandolins. I play a Bridger F model and love it dearly. It's been my only mandolin for many years.