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Greg Horne solo on WDVX: Black Buzzard

Greg Horne with fiddle on WDVX: Couldn't You Love Me

A little holiday music. May peace and compassion bloom.

New Band, New Song! "Me and the Mockingbird"

And our take on Hoyt Axton's "Sweet Misery"

This is the Greg Horne Band in action at Relix Variety Theatre in Knoxville, TN, Waynestock Festival, Jan. 30, 2014. Filmed by Bill Foster ( Nate Barrett on drums, Chris Zuhr on bass, Barry Po Hannah on take-off guitar.

Greg Horne solo: Ohio-hio

Check out the November, Metamora video...

Here's a video I made for "November, Metamora" using photographs I took on a trip there several years ago. YouTube audio isn't the best, so if you visit the page for Basically Sane (click the album cover above), you can listen to the track from the album with better sound.

This is a video you might not have seen. This is The Bearded, an old-time (and beyond) band that I play in here in Knoxville. Our pals at Live and Breathing shot us playing several songs one night last year. In this video the band is fronted by Kyle Campbell and Matt Morelock, with me, Chris Zuhr, and Jon Whitlock. Check out the Live and Breathing website for more songs by the Bearded, and tons of live original videos by other great artists.

Here's a taste of the old stuff...

Floating World showcases the eclectic music and winding poetry for which Greg has become known. The thirteen songs range from the New Orleans groove of Fat Tuesday and the wide open rock of She Moves Through Time to the gentle tremolo throb of Calling From Where I Am. An audience favorite is the acoustic Siberian Express.

Greg wrote and produced the album. Guest performers include Michael Comstock of Philadelphia's Indre Studios on drums, electric banjoist David Lovett, South Dakota songwriter Tim Berry on bass, and pedal steel played by songwriter and multi-instrumental wizard David Hamburger.

Click the song title to listen:

Fat Tuesday
Calling from Where I am
She Moves Through Time
Siberian Express

Old Baggage, New Suitcase brings together Greg's early acoustic recordings from 1992 and 1995. The standout track is the Celtic-tinged Don't Save the Kisses, an audience favorite. This is a loose, enthusiastic, and fun record.

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Don't Save the Kisses
Building Bridges

Live at Hawkeye's 1999 is the debut bootleg of Greg Horne's Exploding Band. The trio features Nathan Barrett (of the Jodie Manross band) on drums and Pete Holdsworth on bass. Sounding like a combination of Live at Leeds and Live Rust, this record presents four originals and covers by the Band, Junior Wells, and the Who.

Click the song title to listen:

That's the World for me
Old School Number